• 3Marketplaces where he published

    Appchina Wandoujia Lenovo

  • 1537Number of apps published
  • 314Number of apps deleted
  • 0.796 Greediness
  • 2012-08-13First publishing date
  • 2015-07-08Last publishing date
  • 1.45 Activity index
  • 0.49 Reputation
  • Explaination of the reputation method
    The reputation score is obtained analysing the reputation of marketplaces where the developer have published, his greediness and his activity value. Higher value means developer more reliable.

    Each marketplace has a reputation score and the mean of them is used.
    The greediness value consider the number of published and deleted apps.
    The activity index takes in account how much developer is aggressive.
    The final result is obtained combining and weighing previous values.